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  U.S. 101 is the most direct route between two of the country's most populous metro areas:

● San Francisco Bay Area, population 7.5 million
● Greater Los Angeles Basin, population 15.5 million

U.S. 101 is the most direct north-south alternative to Interstate 5 and in need of investment to make it a safer and more reliable facility.  When Interstate 5 is closed because of accidents, fire, snow, or other inclement weather, north-south traffic between Los Angeles and the Bay Area is diverted to the U.S. 101 freeway.

The facts about the Central Coast U.S. 101 Corridor:
● 150,000 vehicles per day travel the corridor.
● $6.5 billion, and growing, worth of agricultural production per year - one of the largest values in California and the nation.
● 25,000 military personnel and employees at 6 military bases, deemed essential of the nation's defense.
● $5 billion tourism industry with some of the country's most premier tourist destinations.
● 100,000 students enrolled at 12 colleges and universities, including University of California Santa Barbara, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and California State University Monterey Bay Area.

Official U.S. 101 designations include:
● U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Highway Network Corridor
● State Focus Route and Highway Emphasis Route
● Principal arterial on the National Highway System
● State Highway Extra Legal Load Route as part of the National Truck Network